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La Rouquette
81100 Burlats

Sentier du Chaos de la Rouquette et de la grotte St Dominique


Walk along one of the longest boulder rivers of the Sidobre (60% of your hike) near the village Lafontasse. In the chaos lower down hides Saint Dominic’s Cave. Adventurers could enter the cave through a narrow opening, difficult to find.
Time: 20 min to 1.5 hour – Distance: 500 m to 3.5 km


From the parking area, pass by the Egg Rock and walk along the chaos (river of rocks). At the end of it, take the small road to get back to the parking area. On this road you may discover some granite quarry blocks, which, as wild animals, remain hidden in the undergrowth.
You will also see some typical Sidobre meadows bordered by planted stones who follow, but do not resemble, one another.
It’s not recommended to enter the cave for children under 8 years old and during bad weather. Be sure you wear good walking shoes. (20 min)
On the road, before or after this walk, you should not miss the incredible Baptistou Rock.(out and back 20 min)

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