From 01/01 to 30/06, every Thursday at 2.30 pm.

From 01/07 to 31/08
Schedules of guided tour on Tuesday and Wednesday at 11 am. On Thursday at 2.30 pm.

From 01/09 to 31/10, every Thursday at 2.30 pm.

Visite guidée : Missègle, l'atelier des fibres naturelles

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Sidobre & Vallées

1 La Peyro Clabado 2 Brassac 3 Burlats
4 Musée du Protestantisme 5 Maison du Sidobre 6 Aquamonts
7 Lacaze 8 Vabre 9 Halte St Jacques
10 Château de Montfa 11 Lac du Merle 12 Tourbière de Canroute
  • Welcome in Sidobre & vallées

    Benvengut en Sidobre & valadas*

    This destination in South West of France is located in the Tarn, few kilometers from Castres, in the Haut Languedoc Regional Natural Park.
    This territory with a thousand facets is a beautiful invitation to travel …
    For your vacation, or a weekend, as a couple, with family or friends, new adventures await you!

    Aquí *, legends and authenticity in the heart of Nature

    Come explore the Sidobre massif, where the thousands of unusual rocks will allow you to find your child’s soul.
    Cut the road to discover our (sometimes) hidden treasures: deep valleys, small heritage, medieval villages, castles … not to mention the good restaurants of this land of bombance.

    Need a Nature holiday? Take advantage of a destination, ideal for green and sustainable tourism, recognized by several environmental protection statutes (Natura 2000 zones, starred towns and villages, towns and villages in bloom, green resort, etc.)

    Bon viatge * (* text in Occitan)

  • Experiéncias en Nautas Terras d'Oc*

    Our territory, in the heart of Occitanie, allows you to fill up on experiences to wonders, savor, get away from it all, rest … do yourself good! You will find a large number of outdoor activities, leisure activities, historical or cultural sites, local products, not to mention the significant events that are to be experienced throughout the year.

    Green tourism: aquí *, you will find your dose of Nature

    Rejuvenate yourself and enjoy a wild and authentic nature, conducive to well-being and the practice of leisure activities and nature sports: hiking, cycling or mountain biking, fishing, horse riding, etc. Your stay in Sidobre & vallées in the Tarn may be too short to take advantage of everything. In Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring, a wide range of accommodation is available to you: hotels, lodges, guest rooms, holiday villages, unusual accommodation …

    Bon viatge * (* text in Occitan)

  • Natura e patrimòni*

    If you have a desire for Nature, then go to Sidobre & Vallées. Book your accommodation for your vacation or just a short weekend.
    Enjoy an exceptional natural and historical heritage, and the warm character of the inhabitants.
    Fill up on activities to relax and enjoy with family, couples, or friends.
    Located between Toulouse and Montpellier in the heart of the Haut-Languedoc regional natural park, our destination is ideal for recharging your batteries.

    For a stay in the countryside, go to nòstra montanha *

    You will find here a feeling of end of the world just 1 or 2 hours from large urban centers.
    Have a pleasant stay along our rivers and villages, on foot, by bike, on horseback, by car, or by motorbike, you can travel through this astonishing territory, in the Tarn, according to your desires.

    Bon viatge * (* text in Occitan)