Land of legends

You have to see it to believe it.  The laws of nature seem to have forgotten these preserved places: the Peyro Clabado defying the laws of gravity, the Roc de l’Oie, le Saut de la Truite …
It’s a landscape sculpted by nature that seems to escape any logic…
Puzzles and curiosities that young and old will try to solve. Unless magic trumps reason.

Unbelievable rocks

Their names are highly suggestive and walking through these granite rocks is really amazing.
The Peyro Clabado, 800 tons of rock balanced on a base of one square meter…

The Saut de la Truite is a 25 meters high waterfall of rocks, The Trois fromages looks like stacked camemberts! (circular cheese) Nature is featuring prominently in legends, along with these remarkable rocks telling you the true story of this land and these men.

Rivers of rocks, chaos

Along steep slopes, water quickly carries away the sands and clays formed by the broken down granite. The balls, made of stronger granite, stay in place and form astonishing chaos called « rivers of rocks ». Sometimes balls embedded in the slopes are released by rainwater and accumulate in the chaos. There are as many forms of chaos as there are chaos.

On foot or by bike, along trails or a creek, get in touch with an extraordinary natural heritage.


The legend of the Goose rock (rock de l’oie)

A long time ago a witch raising geese lived here. One of them was a gigantic goose! Every night she was allowed to go out of its enclosure to hatch her giant egg not far from Crémaussel. But she must have returned to the sorcerer’s home before sunrise, or the worst punishments will follow!
But one day she forgot to get back in time and could not get back to her master’s home in time. To punish her, he changed her to stone, as well as her egg. It is said that on a night of high winds and full moon, the petrified bird can be heard moaning…

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