A wealth of landscapes

Our destination Sidobre & valleys is known for the remarkable variation of its landscapes into the High Languedoc Natural Réginal Parc (Sidobre’s Mountains, Agout and Gijou valleys, Anglès’ highlands, Monts de Lacaune, etc.).


A wealth of natural environment

Here, you will discover 3 protected areas classified in the Natura 2000 network (European Charter for the promotion and preservation of biodiversity) as well as 25 sites classified as ZNIEFF (natural zone of ecological, faunal and floral value).



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Wellness and relaxing

Everything here inspires relaxation. Why not take the opportunity of your stay to take a wellness break? Reconnect with your senses and feel better about your body and your mind!

Discover the Wellness Center at St Pierre de Trivisy and enjoy the Hammam, sauna, hot tub, cold plunge pool, multi-jet shower, counter-current swimming pool, hydro jet massage, aqua bike and relaxation area. Take some time just for you. This 1 to 6 people private wellness area is unique in the region.

Low-energy consumption building and sustainable development (wood and solar heating).

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Vallée de l'Agout

Vallée du Gijou

Sagnes et tourbières


Plein la vue

Terre protectrice

Terre d’eau


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